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All the best ideas for how to organize kids’ toys, including bins & baskets, LEGO storage, games and puzzles, cars, stuffed animals, dolls, outdoor toys and more! Hacks and DIYs for small spaces or large playrooms.

Have your kids’ toys overtaken your house? Is the toy clutter driving you up the wall?

We know all too well how quickly toys can pile up, and what a headache it can be to put them away.

Luckily, there is a solution. The key is to be smart with your toy storage, and organize your space so every toy has a designated home.

We’ve pulled all of the very best toy storage ideas from around the web to help get your organizational juices flowing. There are ideas for everything from LEGOs, to games and puzzles, to Nerf blasters, dolls, matchbox cars and more. Implement a few of them in your playroom, kids’ bedroom or living area and you’ll be well on your way to a more organized and stress-free space.

And once every toy has a home, it will be much easier for your kids to independently clean up their own things. A win-win in our book!

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These toy organization ideas can be used for all kinds of toys, and includes everything from DIY storage units to bins, baskets and baggies. You’re bound to find a great solution that can make a difference to your space.

(1) Organize toys with a mix of labeled boxes and baskets that can be easily put away on a shelving unit or closet. (via Sunny Side Up)

(2) Help kids put their toys back in the right place by labeling bins with pictures of what belongs inside. This is a great idea for kids who can’t yet read. Use simple clip art to make graphic labels like The Homes I Have Made

(3) …or print out an actual image of the toy like IHeart Organizing

(4) Alternatively, use a mix of opening shelving for larger toys + bins labeled with symbols. (from The Homes I Have Made)

(5) Create a secondary storage space and place like-items into labeled plastic containers that are easy to pull out when wanted. (via Sheena Loves Sunsets)

(6) Find toys easily by sorting them into clear bins with easy-to-read labels. (via Perfectly Placed Organizing

(7) This DIY Storage Unit can be built at home to hold matching toy bins that can be clearly labeled. (from Shanty 2 Chic)

(8) Create toy storage and a comfy place to rest with these bench seats made from IKEA Expedit bookcases! (via IHeart Organizing)

(9) Attach framed photos to the front of storage baskets to help kids put their toys away all by themselves. (via IHeart Organizing)

(10) Keep toys organized and easy to find by placing them in zippered plastic bags like these and stack vertically in a storage basket. (from Mums Make Lists)

(11) Who says toy storage needs to be boring? Use pretty woven baskets to keep your main living spaces from looking like a playroom. (from Studio McGee)

(12) For play food and accessories, this beautiful basket tower gets toys up off the floor. (from Hello Baby Brown). Find the baskets here.

(13) Or attach baskets directly to the wall so they’re never out of place. (from Keep Toddlers Busy)

(14) These labeled canvas bags with iron-on labels are a great way to keep tiny toys organized. (from The Homes I Have Made)

(15) Group items by category and place into clearly labeled bins. (via Sheena Loves Sunsets)

(16) Color-code your storage cubbies so each child has their own designated color – use paint or even wallpaper! (source unknown)

(17) Use heavy-duty canvas storage bags like these from LL Bean (we suggest the Extra-Large) and hang them on the back of a door to keep toys together and off the ground when not in use. Great for bedrooms and small spaces. (source unknown)

(18) If you’re seriously handy, or in the process of building a house, consider these built-in storage cubbies for a super cool, yet functional look. (source unknown)

(19) Or opt for a more simple built-in shelving unit that uses the space in between your walls for convenient storage. (source unknown)


If you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO, we feel your pain. Organizing these tiny bricks can be a never-ending nightmare, but with these LEGO storage ideas, you’ll soon have a solution that not only keeps them off the ground, but in an organized system so your kids can easily start building.

(1) Keep all of your assorted LEGO blocks organized by color with this color-coded LEGO storage unit. (via IHeart Organizing)

(2) Give every LEGO set its own home by using individual plastic storage bins. Include the instruction manual inside and clearly label with a photo of the finished build. (via The Homes I Have Made)

(3) Provide kids with a large surface to build and easily accessible storage bins with this DIY LEGO Table. (via Kaleidoscope Living)

(4) Create a small LEGO play table with drawer storage using an IKEA LACK side table. Attach a few of them together to form this epic set-up from The Handyman’s Daughter.

(5) Use tool organizer units to sort LEGO bricks by type or color. (via Love Grows Wild)

(6) Plastic storage drawers create a sturdy base for this DIY LEGO table, and can fit thousands of bricks! (via Our Wee Family)

(7) Display finished LEGO creations in a shelving unit with plenty of small cubbies. (via Imgur)

(8) Keep extra small pieces for LEGO sets in plastic boxes with dividers. (via Childhood 101)

(9) Keep LEGO manuals organized with a binder, binder pockets, and a label maker. (via Making Lemonade)

(10) …or use clear page sleeves instead. (from iHeart Organizing)

(11) Create an incredible LEGO Modular Wall with storage and display shelves to keep your LEGO collection uber organized. (via Mother Daughter Projects)

(12) Save space by getting rid of individual LEGO boxes, and keep sets organized by using individual plastic baggies (via Love Bug Living)

(13) …or use more heavy-duty storage pouches (from Simply Better Organization). Include the instructions and bricks for each set, so it’s easy for your child to start building.

(14) Keep all of your child’s extra LEGO bricks tucked away in this fun, colorful Storage Head. (from The Container Store)

(15) Put LEGO Minifigures on display with this beautifully crafted display cabinet from sfDisplay on Etsy.

(16) If you’d prefer to DIY, make your own Display Shelves with this tutorial from Jedi Craft Girl.

(17) This genius SlideAway Basket from Creative QT makes it a breeze to clean-up after loose LEGOs. The attached 52” play mat keeps the bricks contained, and then when building is done, you simply slide them back into the storage basket. You’ll never step on a LEGO again!

(18) Turn a side table into a stylish LEGO building space by attaching a base plate to the top. The one shown here also lifts up to reveal a storage area that would be great for extra bricks, sets and instructions. (source unknown)

(19) This simple DIY LEGO table would be perfect for small spaces (via The Decorated Cookie)

(20) Customize a heavy-duty toolbox to be a place where you can organize, store and play! (via Raising Dragons)

(21) Use a rolling storage unit with drawers to color coordinate your bricks. (via Practical Perfection)

(22) Organize LEGOS by color into separate plastic bins (via domino)

(23) …or in pretty acrylic jars. (via Say Yes)

(24) Make a Minifigure building box with a divided plastic container. (via Practical Perfection)

(25) An over-the-door shoe organizer is a great way to keep different colors and types of bricks organized. (via Kids Activities Blog)

(26) Utilize the wasted space under your child’s bed with a roll-out trundle drawer. When not in use, simply tuck it away and hide the mess! (via Parents)

(27) Go all out with this epic LEGO wall! Attach base plates to your wall and containers underneath to store loose LEGOs. (via The Martin Nest)


Games and puzzles can take up a ton of space, and it can often be tricky to keep all of the small pieces together. Luckily these genius storage ideas for games and puzzles can solve both of these problems for your home – saving you both space and frustration!

(1) Stack board games in a hanging closet organizer to save a ton space. (via Joyful Homemaking)

(2) Turn a coffee table into a rolling game table with organization underneath. (from In My Own Style)

(3) Create board game storage and playroom decor by framing your favorite game boards and hanging pieces on the back using a plastic baggie and command hook. (via Infarrantly Creative)

(4) Make more space by sorting board games and pieces into different sized pouches (from Pretty Little Social).

(5) Look at how little space games can take up once all the boxes are removed! (via Neat Little Nest).

(6) Store game boards and pieces in labeled plastic bins to give your shelves a more organized look. (via Infarrantly Creative)

(7) If you don’t want to give up the boxes, store board games in plastic bins and stack similar-sized games together. (via A Bowl Full of Lemons)

(8) Store board games upright and reduce the risk of toppling boxes with a rubber coated wire pan rack (from Better Homes and Gardens).

(9) Small plastic containers are a great way to keep card games organized. (from All for the Love of Teaching)

(10) These handmade card game storage boxes from 3DfactoryByJ0Dube on Etsy are perfect for keeping family favorites like Uno and SkipBo together.

(11) Organize puzzles in matching Tupperware containers with the completed photo on top (source unknown)

(12) Use the same idea to keep puzzle pieces together and reduce clutter with matching zip pouches (via House of Turk).

(13) Easily stack wooden puzzles with this clever wire rack from Melissa & Doug.


Small cars, trucks, trains, and other vehicles can easily get underfoot. There are lots of easy ways to display your child’s car collection, keep their vehicle collections organized and keep them off the floor.

(1) Put matchbox cars on display and make them easily accessible by attaching them to magnetic strips on the wall. Use just a few like Keeping up with the Souths to showcase their favorites…

(2) …or go all out and make it a playroom feature! (via Land of Nod)

(3) Create your own DIY Matchbox car storage with PVC pipes. (from The Gracious Wife)

(4) Use a wooden crate and PVC pipes to build your own parking garage. (via Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls)

(5) Use black paper and tape to turn a small shelfing unit into a toy car parking lot. (from IKEA Hackers)

(6) Give kids a place to park their vehicles with this six-deck parking garage shelf from Design Life Kids.

(7) This incredible, handmade storage shelf from ToyBoxAddicted on Etsy gives kids a place to store their cars, and fun ramps to play on. Plus, it can be personalized with your child’s name!

(8) Turn a shoe rack into a DIY display shelf to keep toy cars off the ground. (via A Lo and Behold Life)

(9) How cool is this handmade Hot Wheels Display case from ToysShelf on Etsy?! It’s shaped like a Car Transporter, hangs on the wall, and comes in lots of different color combinations to match your child’s room décor.

(10) This tire shelf from CoolWheelsDisplays not only displays your child’s favorite matchbox cars, but is a unique piece of art. 

(11) Control toy car clutter with these cute DIY storage jars. (via Simplicity in the South)

(12) Turn a tackle box into a portable car garage that kids can carry around – genius! (via The Adventures of Action Jackson)

(13) Mark off a parking lot for toy cars and vehicles on your playroom floor with masking tape. (via Light at the End of the Clutter)

(14) Organize larger cars, trains, and vehicles in oversized containers with pictures on the side. (via Bombshell Bling)

(15) Utilize the space under your child’s bed to store their vehicle collection with these DIY rolling storage bins. (via Liz on Call)

(16) This Hot Wheels Rolling Storage Case hold 100 cars inside and makes collecting and cleaning up easy and fun. Plus, it’s great for taking to Grandma’s house!

(17) Designate a cool shelving unit to house large trucks that are awkward to fit in bins or baskets. (via Pinterest)

(18) Turn some simple cubbies into vehicle storage and use road tape to create a play world on top. (via Keep Toddlers Busy)

(19) Add this City Roads Decal to IKEA’s beloved Trofast bins for a unit that combines playing and storage. (via Stickea on Etsy)

(20) DIY your kids’ trundle bed to include a chalkboard top where you can draw roads and store cars. (source unknown)

(21) Can you believe this huge car store ‘n’ play garage is a DIY made from cardboard?! (via Reuse and Play)


Stuffed animals can seemingly multiply overnight and can soon overrun a kid’s room or play space. Try these organization hacks for their beloved stuffies, which can save you from having to have them “disappear”!

(1) Create a fun stuffed animal cage in fit in the corner of your child’s room with wood and elastic cord. (via Down Redbud Drive)

(2) Build a stuffed animal zoo that kids can easily use to keep their stuffed toys together (via The Keeper of the Cheerios). Alternatively, buy a pre-made one from Amazon!

(3) Use wood pieces and rope to create a multi-tiered swing to give your child’s stuffed animals a place to hang…literally! (from It’s Always Autumn)

(4) Use a wooden crate and mailing tubes to create this darling Pet Hotel. (from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls)

(5) DIY this simple Stuffed Animal Storage Coral and attach to the footboard of their bed to keep all their favorites close at hand. (from Shades of Blue Interiors)

(6) Stick stuffed toys through the holes in a multi-use hanger like this one from IKEA to keep them organized (via Lorri Dyner).

(7) Get stuffed animals off the floor with wire baskets hung on the wall. (from Sou Mae)

(8) Hang a shoe organizer over their door to give each stuffy it’s own little home. (Source unknown)

(9) Keep stuffed toys neat and tidy with these removable hanging baskets. (via Project Nursery)

(10) Or try hanging garden baskets to tame stuffed toy clutter. (from Censational Style)

(11) Keep stuffed animals out of the way but still easily accessible for nighttime snuggles with under-the-bed storage containers with peek-a-boo windows. (via Oh Me Oh My Blog)

(12) Keep stuffed animals off the ground with a stuffed animal hammock. DIY your own with fabric by following this tutorial from Lemon Squeezy Home

(13) …or buy one of these beautiful, handmade wool hammocks from LoveAndClothDesigns on Etsy, complete with fringe and wooden beads – available in many colors!

(14) Create a new home for your child’s fuzzy friends using hat boxes. (from Mom.com)

(15) Hang this genius 5-tier mesh organizer in their closet.

(16) Hide stuffed animal clutter inside a bean bag chair you can make at home (via Sew Can She). If you’re not into DIY, you can buy one here (we suggest the X-Large!).


From Barbies to Action Figures, these small toys can be difficult to organize, and often have lots of tiny accessories that can get lost easily. These doll storage ideas will make it a lot easier to keep them together, and have them easily accessible for your kids.

(1) Hang shallow acrylic shelves low on the wall to display Barbies. (via The Real Moms Podcast)

(2) Use the same idea to keep action figures easily accessible. (via Budget Mum Blog)

(3) Hang a shoe organizer over the back of a door and use it to keep your child’s Barbie collection super organized. (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

(4) Or use the same idea for Action figures! (from Organize Your Stuff Now)

(5) Use a slide out shoe rack to keep dolls organized while utilizing a small space. (via HGTV Home)

(6) Group Barbie dolls together in buckets so they are easy to grab and easy to clean up. (from Nancys Barbies)

(7) Turn simple wooden spice racks into a cute display for small dolls or figures. (via Her Joyful Studio)

(8) Keep small figurines like these LOL dolls + accessories in one place in this hanging, zippered over-the-door organizer.

(9) Stay uber organized with these plastic bins with dividers. (via The House of Hood)

(10) Display American Girl dolls and keep them off the floor with this DIY wall hanger. (via Exploring Domesticity)

(11) This super simple DIY used a plastic milk crate and wooden dowel to create a closet for all your doll’s clothes. (via Karen Mom of Three)

(12) Easily organize doll clothing and accessories with this DIY clothes rack. (via Lil Blue Boo)

(13) Place curtain rods in storage cubbies to create a makeshift doll closet! (from IHeart Organizing)

(14) Keep tiny doll shoes organized in divided plastic organizers. (from Flickr)

(15) Utilize the space under your child’s bed by sorting doll clothes and accessories into an under-the-bed shoe storage bin. (from Serenity Now Blog)


Nerf blasters are big and bulky, and are awkward to organize. And don’t even get us started about the bullets that find their way all over the house! These Nerf gun storage ideas make it far easier for kids to keep their collection neatly organized.

(1) Use peg boards to hang Nerf blasters on the wall and keep them super organized. Make it a fun feature in your child’s room (via Inspiration Made Simple)

(2) …or place inside a storage closet. You can start small like this example from Larissa Another Day

(3) or go BIG like this full-wall display from imgur!

(4 & 5) Hang Nerf guns on the wall with rods, hooks and baskets. (source unknown; Pinterest)

(6) Use a slat wall to easily hang baskets and Nerf guns to keep a large collection neat and tidy. (from A Meaningful Space)

(7) Create your own Nerf Gun storage rack with PVC pipe and hooks. (via The Handymans Daughter)

(8) An over-the-door shoe organizer is the perfect solution to these smaller Nerf guns, bullets and accessories. (from Moore Magnets)

(9) This Nerf Elite Over-the-Door Storage was designed to keep darts and other Nerf accessories off the floor.

(10) Nerf’s very own Elite Blaster Rack can fit up to 20 blasters, and includes drawers and shelves to house darts and other accessories.

(11) This Nerf Bullet Carrying Bag is a MUST for any Nerf aficionado. Not only will it keep your ammo close at hand for battles, but also features a bullseye for target practice.

(12) Use a small metal lunchbox to keep Nerf darts off your floor! (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)


 Don’t let outdoor toys clutter your garage or backyard. These smart storage ideas can help give your outdoor toys a home, so they’re easier to put away and keep organized.

(1) Create a designated toy shelf in the garage with large plastic baskets and labels. (via iHeart Organizing)

(2) Utilize garage wall space by organizing toys on a pegboard with hooks, baskets, and buckets. (via The Creativity Exchange)

(3) Use colorful plastic baskets and buckets to keep outdoor toys off the ground and organized on shelves. An oversized bin for balls is a must! (from iHeart Organizing)

(4) Organize outside toys with large labeled buckets on open shelves. (via Domestic Charm)

(5) Stackable plastic shelves and basic labels are an inexpensive solution for outdoor toy clutter. (from Organizing Junkie

(6) Use painter’s tape to create a parking lot for ride-on toys. Add labels so your kids know exactly what goes in each spot. (via Organizing Junkie)

(7) If you have the garage space, creating a large storage cabinet with labeled bins and hooks will give all your toys and equipment a designated place to call home. (via Tidbits)

(8) Create a child-sized garage for their larger ride-on toys with PVC pipe, plastic panels and a drop cloth. (from Mom Endeavors)

(9) If you want to flex your DIY skills, this tutorial will teach you how to create an outdoor toy storage shed with plywood and roofing shingles. (via We’re Parents)

(10) How incredible is this DIY rolling storage cart for keeping toys off the garage floor?! It has bungee ball storage, a peg board and extra compartments/shelves. Plus it’s built on casters so it can be wheeled to your driveway for easy clean-up. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

(11) Use bungee cords to hold sports balls between wall studs in your garage. (via Designed to Dwell)

(12) Keep your pool toys and swim accessories organized with this DIY pool storage idea made from a wooden pallet. (via Smarty Pants Mama)

(13) Attach a pegboard to a fence to create a storage area for pool toys and accessories. (via HGTV Home)

(14) This incredible DIY Bike Storage Shed has space for bikes and scooters, hooks for helmets, plus hanging baskets for extra outdoor toys. (via 3×3 Custom)

(15) Get those scooters off the ground to save tons of space with this DIY wall holder – a simple piece of plywood and some pegs is all it takes. (source unknown)

(16) Bikes and scooters are tricky to keep organized, and are often left in a tangled pile. This DIY bike and scooter rack keeps them upright and tidy. (via Stone and Sons)

(17) A wooden pallet installed on a fence can be turned into a place to store pool toys, both large and small. (via Juggling Act Mama)

We hope that these toy storage ideas have sparked your imagination, and can help you tame the toy clutter in your own home. Happy organizing!

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