The Best Back-to-School Guide On The Planet 2016 from What Moms Love

Can you believe that you’re even reading about back-to-school right now? Didn’t the summer just begin, like 5 minutes ago? Well, whether we like it or not, that time of year is steadily sneaking up on us, so why not get a jump start on your preparations with our extensive guides that will make your back-to-school shopping more painless than ever.

Yea, we may be tooting our own horn a little, but we’ve put in months of research, testing and “is this cool” questioning to bring you the hottest back-to-school gear for your kids.

Check out our individual guides that cover the back-to-school necessities for all ages and stages:

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We’re incredibly proud that our 2018 Back-to-School Guide is brought to you by our amazing sponsor,, who make back-to-school supply shopping a complete breeze (seriously, we kid not).

Here’s how this genius technology works: Simply search for your child’s school using your zip code to get access to their EXACT school supply list, then click to have everything placed directly into your favorite e-retailer’s shopping cart (including Amazon, Target and Walmart!). Now you can simply purchase all your supplies from your online cart – no trips to the store searching for the specific fine-point chiseled no-odor markers or purple quick-dry medium-sized glue sticks.

But hey, if you do like the whole back-to-school supply shopping experience, you can still use to access an easy-to-read copy of your exact list to print out (or view it from your mobile device when you inevitably forget it at home).

We’re all about making your life easier, and is seriously simple. A few minutes and you’ll be checking “buy school supplies” off your list – and who doesn’t love the feeling of that?!

Preschooler Kindergarten back to school shopping guide, backpacks, lunch bags, boxes, containers - daycare too
Cool backpacks for grade school, middle school, tween, teens. Back to School shopping guide
best cool lunch bags, lunch boxes for kids back to school shopping
best cool lunch containers, accessories, utensils, tools to make school lunches fun - back to school shopping guide
coolest star wars back to school supplies, backpacks, lunch bags, clothing

Thanks again to our incredible 2018 Back to School Guide sponsor,, for making the annual back to school supply chore simple and convenient for parents. Visit to complete your supply shopping in a few simple clicks.

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