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27 DIY Printables to Make Your End of Year Teacher’s Gift Shine

27 <span class="caps">DIY</span> Printables to Make Your End of Year Teacher’s Gift Shine

We’re having a hard time with this post because we simply can’t believe another school year is coming to an end. It seems like just yesterday we were taking those First Day of School photos and shedding a tear as our not-so-littles boarded the school bus (partly sad, partly not!). But the time has come to thank our wonderful, selfless teachers for imparting their knowledge on our children, and congratulate them for surviving the school year (relatively) unscathed.

We’ve pulled together some of the most beautiful and creative printables from across the web to help make your end-of-the-year gifts feel more personable, fun and special – turns out all the qualities we look for in a good teacher also make the best gifts. So load up your printer with ink and get printin’.



From our countless conversations with teachers, we know one thing is certain: teacher’s LOVE gift cards. Yep, that’s an all-caps kinda love. They can spend them however they see fit – either on themselves, on their classrooms, or heck, re-gift them come Christmas. Some may think they’re a little impersonal, but that’s where these genius printables come into play. Slip your card into one of these and you’ll go straight to the top of the class.

Teacher Gift Card Printables - Pizza Box Card

PIZZA BOX CARD — Kiki & Company via Skip to my Lou

I mean?! Seriously you guys, how can anyone resist this printable pizza box thank you? Place a gift card inside for a local pizza joint or chain restaurant, and you’ve got one heck of a unique presentation, and your teacher can enjoy a much deserved night out.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Craft Store


If you have a teacher on your list that is super crafty (and really, what teacher isn’t?), celebrate their passion by presenting them with an inspiring thank-you and a gift card to their local craft store.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Time to Relax - Spa

TIME TO RELAX TAG – Landee see Landee do

After a long school year hunched over a desk or sitting on the ABC carpet, your teacher could definitely use a relaxing day at the spa. Tie this fun printable tag onto a brightly colored daiquiri glass and fit a gift certificate to a nearby salon or spa inside. If we were a teacher, this would definitely be a gift we’d love to receive!


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Movie Box


This amazing popcorn box and gift tag printable will house your teacher’s favorite candy and a gift card to their closest movie theatre. If you don’t think candy would be appreciated, try a bag or two of Skinny-Pop popcorn for the same effect.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - bookmark


With a few simple steps you can slip any gift card into this adorable apple sleeve, and have it double as a bookmark. For extra points, place it into a great summer beach-read and have your child write an inscription on the inside cover.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - restaurant


Teachers feed young minds, make little hearts feel full, and create a hunger for learning”. Cue the tears. This touching card is a perfect vessel for a gift card to your local grocery store, food delivery service or favorite restaurant. 


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Hardware Store


If your teachers are anything like us, summer calls for those gardening gloves and paint brushes to come out of hiding. A gift card to your local hardware or big box store would ease the pain a bit, and would look super cute on this printable from Yellow Bliss Road.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Smoothie


Teachers like to treat themselves too – and hot summer’s days are the perfect chance to cool off at a nearby smoothie shop. These colorful printables will make your gift card look extra sweet, and they even have a version to thank your classroom Aid, who often don’t get the recognition they deserve.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Target


We always get a little giddy for a “Target run”, and we’re pretty sure every teacher on the planet loves it just as much. From their $1 finds, cute craft supplies and affordable yet trendy accessories and clothes, your teacher will really think you hit the bullseye with this one.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Bucket List

BUCKET LIST – Landee see Landee do

Speaking of Target’s Dollar Spot, grab one of their small buckets during your next run and attach this “bucket list” printable. Fill it with the gift card and goodies of your choice and you can check “awesome teacher gift” off your list.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - itunes

iTUNES GIFT CARD HOLDER – Landee see Landee do

You’ll find an iPad or two in most classrooms these days, and teachers have told us that they often have to spend their own money in order to load them up with the most educational and engaging apps. So an iTunes gift card is a great way to pay it forward. Alternatively, they can use it to download their favorite tunes, or catch up on the movies and TV shows they missed during the school year.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Starbucks


Sometimes teachers need a strong cup o’ Joe to get through the day — probably more than we do, actually. Imagine taking your brood and multiplying it several times over. So gift them a Starbucks card wrapped up in this adorable DIY holder, and make it a double.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Starbucks


Another darling idea for those Starbucks Junkies is this printable sleeve that fits perfectly over a small take-out cup. Grab an extra on your next trip through the drive-thru, adhere the sleeve, write your teacher’s name on the outside, and pop a gift card inside. Simple, but that extra effort goes a long way.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Donut Shop

DONUT GIFT CARD HOLDER – Two Laughing Lambs via Etsy

This card’s clever play-on-words is a perfect fit for a Dunkin’ Donuts (one of WML’s personal favs) gift card or one from your local coffee shop. Coffee and donuts can turn around even the toughest of days, and I’m sure your teachers will have their fair share of those come September.


Teacher Gift Card Printables


You have to laugh at this one. So dead on. These cheeky printables work with any gift card and are sure to put a smile on your teacher’s face.


Teacher Gift Card Printables - personalized thank-you


We’re seriously smitten with this gift card holder. It gives your child the opportunity to get involved and personalize the accompanying thank-you card. What teacher wouldn’t love to read why they are special and what their “favorite thing you taught me” is?


Teacher Gift Card Printables - Amazon

AMAZON AMAZING GIFT CARD HOLDER – The Early Bird Boutique via Etsy

If you’re unsure of your teacher’s favorite things, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift card for the largest online retailer in the universe. A total no brainer.

Looking for a last minute gift? Did you know that our affiliate Amazon even sells gift cards for other brands? Their selection is just as amazing as these printables – check it out here



While teachers definitely dig a good gift card, they’ve also told us that it’s hard to beat a handwritten note or drawing from their students. We’ve selected a few cards that give kids a framework to get their creative juices flowing – so they can present their teachers with something that is truly memorable and from the heart.


Teacher Gift - Thank You Card

THE BEST TEACHER THANK-YOU CARD – Prairie Chick Prints via Etsy

The front of this card prompts your child to write about some of their favorite experiences with their teachers, and leaves the inside blank so they can sign their name or draw a picture. Or you can elaborate on their words with a thank-you note of your own. Include this with any gift to give it that extra special touch.


Teacher Gift - Thank You Card


This bright and whimsical card allows your child to fill-in-the-blanks about their teacher. You’ll get some gems like the child in 4th grade who wrote “I will never forget when: you said “sex” instead of “six” during a spelling test”! This card’s a keeper for sure.


Teacher Gift - Thank You printable

THANK-YOU TEACHER PAGE — Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke

This thank-you page has some great open-ended questions for kids to answer like “3 words to describe my teacher” and “my teacher really helped me learn”. There’s also a large space for them to draw their favorite memory from the year. This could be a great classroom gift if all the students filled it out and then had it bound as a fun keepsake for their teacher. Or include it with any gift to make it more personalized.



Another gift idea that kept coming up over and over again when we asked teachers what were their favorites, was books. Books for their classroom’s library. Books their students’ loved. Books for them to read over the summer. So pick out some that are special to you and personalize them with these thoughtful printables.


Teacher Gift - Printable Bookplate


We are nuts about these bookplates which can be easily printed and then adhered to the inside cover of the book(s) you are gifting. Have your child pick out their favorite book and write why they chose it. Your teacher can keep it in their library and always have the inscription to remember your child.


Teacher Gift Printables - Book and Journal

BOOK & JOURNAL GIFT TAG – The Kiwi in the Clouds

This is one of our favorite ideas – a book for your teacher’s classroom, and a notebook (or juicy summer read) for them. All wrapped up with one of these colored-coordinated (there are 6 options) gift tag. You could add the personalized bookplate above to make it even more unique.



Like all of us, teachers like gifts they will actually use. So while the crayon wall art or framed quote is certainly thoughtful, they don’t exactly check the “useful” box. These printable gift tags will make their accompanying “useful” gift a thoughtful and beautiful one too!


Teacher Gift - Printable Herb Label

HERB GIFT TAG – Such the Spot

Allow us to give you some sage advice: these potted herbs would be a great gift for your loves-to-cook teacher. Add on one of these pun-tastic printables like “you were mint to teach” and you’ve got a fun way to send them off to have a great thyme over the summer.


Teacher Appreciation Gift - Printable Plant Tag


You’ve probably already seen a slew of “thanks for helping me grow”-type of gifts, but this is one of our favorites. I guess we have a soft spot for succulents – not only are beautiful to display, but they only need watering every few weeks! Talk about a win-win. This stunning chalkboard gift tag can be used for any plant or flower gift, or if you’re feeling crafty, it also offers step-by-step instructions for making these awesome succulent planters.


Teacher Appreciation Gift - Printable Tote Bag Tag

SUMMER TOTE BAG TAG – Skip to my Lou

If your teacher will be spending any time at the beach or pool this summer, “wrap” up a few essentials (think magazines, water bottle, beach towel, novel, flip flops) in a cute tote and tie-on this tag printed on brightly color paper to get them into relaxation mode.


Teacher Appreciation Gift - Printable Quote Gift Tag

QUOTE GIFT TAG – Balancing Home

Use this beautifully designed tag on any gift you choose. Its poignant quote “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart” says it all.


Teacher Appreciation Gift - Printable Wine Label


And lastly, what list of gifts would be complete without some form of alcohol. I mean, your teacher has just looked after 20+ kids for almost 7 hours a day, for 9 months! Give them a drink for heaven’s sake.

(psst – just make sure you double-check with your child’s school to make sure alcohol is allowed inside the grounds if it is being brought into school!)


What are you doing to thank your teachers this year? We’d love to hear some fresh ideas in the comments below.

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