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Non-Candy Printable Valentines Kids Will Love More Than The Sugar High

Free Printable Valentines For Kids. Such a fun idea for a non-candy Valentines card - perfect for your child's classroom Valentine's Day party!

With Christmas just over, and Easter waiting in the wings, do our kids really need another holiday where candy is front and center?!

Well we’re here to ease that sugar-high-induced-hyperactivity before it starts, by giving you 3 amazing printable valentines for your kids that don’t involve heart-shaped candy, chocolate or lollipops.

These are fantastic options for your kids to bring into school and hand out to all their classmates (editor’s note: especially if there are allergies to contend with or if your school has gone candy-free like ours!).

They’ll get tons of “so cool”s and they’ll be so chuffed for getting something new and fun, that they won’t even miss the sugar rush.

Pin for reference:

No Candy Printable Valentines Cards For Your Kids School Classroom

The only hard part? Deciding which design to use!

Check out all 3 by clicking on the links below:


Eraser: You’re Erase-sistable