Healthy Spring Snacks for kids | These free printable Daffodil Snack Cups are such a cute, easy treat to make for children aged toddlers to teens. Perfect for clean eating - no added sugar with just fruit! Make for your kids to take to preschool or school as a fun, quick snack. These would work great as a healthy Easter snack as well.

Spring is springing! It’s that glorious time of year where we start to hear the birds chirping, see the flowers blooming, and get to head outside without spending 30 minutes bundling up our kids in their winter gear.

To celebrate, we’ve partnered with Wonderful Halos, to bring you a fun snack idea your kids will love just as much as finally being free from their snow suits. Our Printable Daffodil Snack Cups are perfect for a healthy after-school treat – simply fill with sweet, seedless Halos mandarins for a guilt-free solution.

These will also be devoured during playdates, and greatly appreciated at any school functions (Halos have no added sugar, are free from common allergens, and there’s enough in a 5lb. box to feed an entire classroom – hurrah!)

And be sure to make these Daffodil Snack Cups for any upcoming family-gatherings (think Easter!) where all the cousins (and second cousins…) are invited.

There’s only a few simple steps…we’ll show you how!

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Step 2: Print the Daffodils on either card stock or regular paper, then use your scissors to cut them out.

Step 3: Place a mini muffin wrapper in the center of each Daffodil. We had great success with both these wrappers for smaller portions, and these larger cups, which fit even more delicious slices inside. You can use double-sided tape or a few Glue Dots to secure the wrapper/cup to the Daffodil if you’d like.

Step 4: Peel your Halos mandarins (have your kids help…they’re super easy to peel!) and pop in all those juicy slices into the wrappers.

Step 5: Serve and watch them (rapidly) disappear!

We just love how cheerful these look, and you can feel good that you’re giving your children a healthy snack, bursting with Spring!

Thanks to our sponsor, Wonderful Halos, for providing us with Mother Nature’s perfect treat for our Daffodil Snack Cups. Halos are California grown and make healthy snacking fun. They’re the good choice solution for everyone (we must admit, we ate a Daffodil cup or twenty of our own while creating this post), so you treat yourself whenever you please.



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